Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary is a conservation area for elephants. It was introduced to create a wildlife corridor for the movement of elephants between Mwaluganje Forest Reserve to the north and Shimba Hills National Reserve to the south. Measuring 60,000 acres, elephants use this migratory passageway to access important foliage areas within their natural domain at different times of the year.

The area is important at an international, national and local level. It supports threatened lowland coastal forest which contains a rich diversity of flora and fauna including several rare and endemic species. It serves as one of only 3 coastal refuges for elephants in Kenya and is an important water catchment area for wildlife and the local communities.

The Sanctuary was created to reduce human-elephant conflict arising from the large population of both humans and elephants in the area and to generate benefits for community members through wildlife and habitat conservation. Magnificent bull herds can be seen roaming their territory and tousling each other with tusks and trunks. Extended herd family reunions take place each year heralded by loud trumpetingy and calves playing.

sanctuary map

"By sponsoring land in Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary you are helping a conservation minded community and supporting elephant conservation."

"Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary is Kenya’s first Community Wildlife Sanctuary."