At Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary, you'll experience a unique safari in a spectacular landscape just a half-hour from the glistering beaches of the South Coast near Mombasa, Kenya. Male elephants, or bulls, gather here as they have for decades. Females and their families roam through the sanctuary on an age-old elephant route between the forest to the north and Shimba Hills to the south. You may see elephant calves at play, males and females courting, or bulls fighting each other with their tusks locked in combat. Don't worry - you'll be perfectly safe in your vehicle. We recommend you arrange a tour to visit the area although you are permitted to self-drive entrance. Four wheel drive vehicles are recommended.

Visit the site of Kaya Mtae, a sacred forest clearing where traditional spiritual leaders and elders still gather. After your wildlife adventure, you can return to the shop or dine and stay overnight at the peaceful wilderness camp. Elephants never forget. Like them, you'll always remember Mwaluganje.

Directions to Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary from Mombasa

From Mombasa Island, take the Likoni Ferry south. You'll exit the ferry onto Mombasa - Lunga Lunga Road. Take this road for 18kms south, turn right at Kombani Junction and drive 16kms to Kwale Town. In Kwale Town follow the signs to the MES Ticketing Office.




visit_02 The Sanctuary is a northern extension of the Shimba Hills National Reserve in Kwale District, a Coastal Province approximately 35km south West of Mombasa and north of Kwale town, covering an area of 36km2. It lies at an altitude of 440 feet above sea level. The Golini Escarpment serves as the eastern boundary of the sanctuary. Mwaluganje Forest Reserve to the east is a plateau of approximately 30km2 and 500 feet above sea level. The average annual temperature of the area is 24.2C while the rainfall pattern is bimodal with two peaks v1150mm and there is presence of morning mist and fog.